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Sue Noblitt is a Registered Nurse with over 15 years of experience in critical areas of nursing. In addition to working in the Emergency Room and Intensive Care Unit, she worked as a Flight Nurse on Stanford University’s Life Flight Medical Transport and Rescue Team serving northern California.  For 16 years, Sue has been teaching classes in CPR, First Aid, and AED, with 2 year certifications to Health Care Professionals, child care providers, lay people and students who are interested in learning CPR and First Aid for themselves and the community, through her company “CPR Solutions”.  She presently also works as a School Nurse in San Diego Unified and graduated from San Diego State University with her Master’s in Nursing May 2013.

I plan on providing an interactive, entertaining course that encourages student participation. My courses are taught in a way students not only learn the material, but are able to retain and recall the information when presented with a true medical emergency!

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